Digital transformation of the storefront using Adobe Experience Manager. A UX led project to build a component library that could facilitate all Broadband, TV and Sports sales journeys.

The Problem

The BT consumer website is outdated, any change to pricing or content needs to be facilitated through developers as there isn’t a CMS in place. The majority of the site needs to be redesigned into reusable components, the aim is to bring consistency to the site and design should be user led.

Service checker flows:

Mandated Service Check Flow
Optional Service Check Flow

Service checker wireframes:

AEM Broadband Service Check 1
AEM Broadband Service Check 2
AEM Broadband Service Check 3

Broadband deals:

AEM Broadband Wireframe

TV Channel Explorer:

AEM Channel Explorer

Product card variations:

AEM Product Card Variations

Desktop Tables:

desktop Table Comparison

Mobile Tables:

Mobile Table Comparison


Site was relaunched in January 2018, all products showed a positive uplift in conversion by at least 0.5% pp.

More details available on request.